Hi! This is the Modern Languages Homepage.
Please note that this site is a beta version and still under constuction. The primary purpose of this site is to provide Kyoei University students easy access to their homework assignments.
The secondary purpose is to provide easy access to some basic exercises for students to brush up on their English language skills.

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Available courses

Homework, quizes and practice for the International Business Management Department English Conversation first year course.

This course consists of twice weekly listening and grammar homework assignments. These assignments are compulsory. Each homework assignment will be on line for seven days only. Then it will be replaced with the next assignment.
This is homework for all first year students using the Fifty-Fifty Intro and Fifty-Fifty book One textbooks in the second semester. You must do this homework. If you do not do this homework, you will be marked as absent. If you have any problems, you can contact your teacher for help.